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Day of the Dead (Blu-ray)R1

     Day of the Dead has been released previously by Anchor Bay in the United States and Arrow in the United Kingdom. These releases differ in audio options and extras.

     The Region All Anchor Bay US release has the following features:

  • an audio commentary by director/writer George A. Romero, special make-up effects artist Tom Savini, actress Lori Cardille and production designer Cletus Anderson
  • an audio commentary by filmmaker Roger Avery
  • The Many Days of Day of the Dead documentary (38:41)
  • Day of the Dead: Behind the Scenes documentary (30:50)
  • Gateway Commerce Center promotional video (8:12)
  • Last audio interview with actor Richard Liberty (15:45)
  • Theatrical trailer #1 (2:03)
  • Theatrical trailer #2 (1:09)
  • Theatrical trailer #3 (1:58)
  • TV spot #1 (0:32)
  • TV spot #2 (0:31)
  • TV spot #3 (0:31)
  • a Fast Film Facts trivia track

    There are three audio options available: an English PCM 5.1 track (4.6 Mbps), an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track (640 Kbps) and the original English Dolby Digital mono soundtrack (192 Kbps). Subtitles are available in English.

     The Region B Arrow UK release has the following features:

  • an audio commentary by special effects make-up artists Everett Burrell, Greg Nicotero, Howard Berger and Mike Deak
  • Joe of the Dead featurette (50:58)
  • Travelogue 09 Tour (17:49)
  • The Many Days of Day of the Dead documentary (38:42)
  • Behind the Zombies Footage (20:19)
  • The Audio Recollections of Richard Liberty (15:41)
  • TV Ads of the Dead (2:27)
  • Romero Zombography
  • Photo Album of the Dead
  • Souvenirs of the Dead
  • Wampum Mine Promo (8:11)
  • Trailers for Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead
  • 'For Every Dawn There is a Day' booklet

    There are two audio options available: a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track and the original mono soundtrack encoded in DTS-HD 2.0. There are no subtitles included with this release.

     In my opinion, the Region All Anchor Bay US release, with its uncompressed PCM soundtrack, two audio commentaries, trivia track and original mono mix is slightly better than the UK Arrow Blu-ray release.