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Confidential Report (Mr. Arkadin) (Directors Suite)R1

     There have been several versions of Mr Arkadin released on DVD across various Regions. These versions all share a basic video and audio transfer and minimal extras, often textual notes and image galleries. These include the Region 0 United States version by Laser Light Video (with an introduction by Tony Curtis), Region 0 Brazil version by Continental Home Video (including a stills gallery and a film biography on Orson Welles), the Region 2 French release by DVDY Films, the Region 2 Italian version by CVC Video (with production notes in Italian), the Region 2 United Kingdom release by Metronome (with an image gallery, Orson Welles filmography and animated and sounded graphics) and the Region 4 Australian release by DV1 (which included three textual extras and an image gallery).

     All these versions pale in comparison to the Region 1 United States 3-disc Special Edition of Mr Arkadin by the Criterion Collection.

     Disc One of this release includes the Corinth Version of Mr Arkadin (99:55) and the following extras:

  • Audio commentary by Welles scholars Jonathan Rosenbaum and James Naremore
  • About the Versions (1 still)
  • 3 Episodes from The Lives of Harry Lime radio series, containing elements of Mr. Arkadin:
  • Man of Mystery, aired 11 April 1952 (28:31)
  • Murder on the Riviera, aired 23 May 1952 (28:03)
  • Blackmail Is a Nasty Word, aired 13 June 1952 (29:04)
  • Reviving Harry Lime interview with producer Harry Alan Towers, with an introduction by Welles biographer Simon Callow (20:42)
  • Gallery of production stills and behind-the-scene photos

     Disc Two includes the Confidential Report version of Mr Arkadin (97:48) and the following extras:

  • About the Versions (1 still)
  • Men of Mystery interview with Simon Callow (24:52)

     Disc Three includes the Comprehensive Version of Mr Arkadin (106:14) and the following extras:

  • About the Versions (1 still)
  • On the Comprehensive Version documentary, with film historians Stephan Droessler and Claude Bertemes, and Welles confidant Peter Bogdanovich (20:32)
  • Outtakes and Rushes:
  • - Orson Welles acting (14:55)
  • - Rushes: close-ups (6:36)
  • - Orson Welles directing (3:17)
  • - Deleted shots and scenes (4:48)
  • The Spanish Actresses (two scenes re-shot with different actresses, which appear only in Spanish versions of the film):
  • - The Baroness Nagel (4:00)
  • - Sophie (6:43)
Also included in this box-set is Mr. Arkadin, the novel, with a new preface by Robert Polito and a 40-page booklet featuring J. Hoberman, Jonathan Rosenbaum, historian Francois Thomas and Stephan Droessler on the three versions.