Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Prisoner, The (2009)R1

     Bizarrely, the Region 1 version has a fairly different set of extras and other features compared to our local version. The extra things on the Region 1 release include

  • A third disc for the extras
  • A Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack (which sounds like it would be significantly preferable to the local 2.0).
  • Commentaries on two episodes
  • A 15 minute making of called 'A 6 hour film shot in 92 Days'
  • A 16 minute featurette about the story called 'Beautiful Prison'

     The Region 4 version has some things not contained on the Region1 version which are

  • The full cast interviews - only a cut down version of the McKellen one appears on Region 1
  • Inside the Prisoner (although this may be similar in content to the two extra ones on the Region 1
  • The read-through featurette
  • The Special effects featurette

     On balance, the Region 1 sounds like the best choice due to the 5.1 soundtrack and the commentaries especially.