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Dogtooth (Kynodontas)=

     This film is available on both Blu-ray (1080i) and DVD in Region A/1. The extras are similarly lacking but the Blu-ray apparently has a Booklet with an essay and an interview with the director and the DVD has the deleted scenes and an Interview with Director Yorgos Lanthimos (12:57) and a photo gallery. Apparently, (there are only a couple of reviews on-line) the DVD features the artefacts problem. Up to you.

A reader, Sean, kindly provided more detailed release information as below: The film has been released (on 20 September 2010) on R2 PAL DVD and 1080i/50Hz Region B Blu-ray in the United Kingdom by Verve Pictures, and these releases only contain the UK trailer. I have personally seen the UK region B Blu-ray and can confirm it has some print dirt, likely the "blotches" you make mention of for the R4 DVD.
In the USA, Kino Video released the film on NTSC DVD only on 25 January 2011,and this release includes the deleted scenes and an interview with the director. Fan pressure (and the Oscar nomination) has convinced Kino to issue a Blu-ray in the USA, and that is set to release on 29 March 2011.