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Gantz: Perfect Answer (Blu-ray)R1

     The Region A US release is a three disc edition with the BD, a copy of the film on Region 1 DVD, plus a DVD of extras. I cannot find details of the extras listed but it could be the same as the bonus DVD included with the Japanese Region A BD (see below), in which case it is also Region 1 coded. The US release includes an English language dub of the film as well as the original Japanese.

     The Japanese Region A BD has deleted scenes and a commentary by the director, producer and action director. An extra DVD (Region 1 coded) has a making of, director interview, trailers, promotional featurettes and a booklet. However, this has no English subtitles for the film or extras.

     The theatrical run time of the film was 141 minutes, and this is the time listed for the US Region A BD. Our Region B release runs 145 minutes and is advertised as the “uncut sequel to Gantz”. With the Japanese release not being English friendly, it seems a matter of choice between the others: a longer cut of the film or some more extras.