Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Lost in Translation (Blu-ray)=

    So far as I could discern from High-Def Digest's review, the two discs appear to be identical. The review mentions a DTS 5.1 soundtrack, but does not specify what language it is in. On this basis, recommending one disc over the other would be foolish. Ultimately, the decision as to which disc presents the best value for money (and I got this one rather cheaply) rests with the purchaser.

    Edited to add, February 29, 2012: Further queries and looks at screen captures on suggest that the Region A disc may have been DNRed to an extent that some find objectionable. Given the levels of noise evident in nighttime shots on the local disc, it is possible that the two transfers differ, but several factors in the captures on offer make a definitive comparison difficult. Given that the quality on the local disc is quite good, I am still leaning toward calling this one even.