Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Wild CardR1

     The Blu-Ray Region A Blu-ray of Wild Card includes as extras a commentary by director West and two minor featurettes, on characters (16:26) and the script (5:17).

     There are two different DVD versions of Wild Card available in Region 1 US; the theatrical release (which is what we have) and the extended version which adds about 10 minutes to the film. The Blu-ray mentioned above contains only the shorter theatrical release. I cannot find any reviews of the Region 1 US DVDs, so I cannot say whether the extras on the Blu-ray are also on the DVD(s). If they are this is a win to the US due to the commentary, which is reported to be reasonably interesting.

     Wild Card is not due to be released in the UK until the end of July.

     Our Region B Blu-ray of Wild Card is also the theatrical version and extras free.