Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Jazz (Ken Burns)R1

    Obviously, since it was made for US television, there is a Region 1 DVD available. Regrettably, it is a better proposition than the Region 4 release, although it does come in a 10 DVD box set that is waaayyyyyy more expensive. The Region 4 release misses out on:

  • Documentary "Making of Jazz" (16 minutes)
  • Playlist information for over 500 songs
  • Three full-length performances not seen in the film: Louis Armstrong's I Cover the Waterfront (1933), Duke Ellington's C Jam Blues (1942), and Miles Davis's New Rhumba (1959)
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack

    There must be other differences too, as the Region 1 release has a length of 10 feature length episodes running over 19 hours of material according to DVD File (or just under 19 hours according to DVD Angle), which is significantly more than the Region 4 release at 732 minutes. If we are to take the Region 1 reviews at face value, and there is certainly no reason to doubt the three reviews I checked out given the consistency of running time figures in excess of 1,100 minutes, there is obviously a chunk of material missing from the Region 4 release. Reading those reviews certainly indicates how much better the Region 1 release is - that playlist information is actually a feature where each song has an information card telling you all sorts of stuff about the song being played.

    For completeness sake, I will mention that the Region 1 release does miss out on the Dolby Digital 3.0 soundtrack. Hardly the sort of thing to dissuade me to indulge the by all accounts vastly superior Region 1 release.