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Angel-Season 2 Box Set Part 2R2UK

    Angel is not yet released on DVD in Region 1. In Region 2 it gets released a week later than here in Region 4. Region 2 is reportedly getting Angel Season 2 in widescreen, which makes our full screen release look bad. However, there's a suggestion that the R2 may be slightly censored (the hanging scene might get cut, for example). That makes it really tough to decide which version to get.

    Region 2 usually get the most innovative packaging, too. They got the novel crucifix packaging for Buffy Season 1, for example. Region 4 gets the reliable (spelt B O R I N G) plastic cases in cardboard sleeve packaging. Sure, it's more durable, but it is far from inspiring.

    You make up your own minds. I've ordered both versions for my collection, but I'm a fanatic. Keep an eye out to see if the R2 version is censored.