Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Title Best
Royal Tenenbaums, The (Rental)R1

    The R1 version of this film comes from the Criterion Collection. It is a two disc Special Edition (it's in one of those old-fashioned fat two-disc cases, with a cardboard slip cover). And I'm pitting it against an extra-free rental disc? This ain't gonna be pretty!

    The R4 is missing:

  • dts 5.1 soundtrack in English
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack in English
  • Director's commentary
  • two booklets (12 page booklet about the house, 14 page general booklet)
  • intro to the Criterion edition by Ben Stiller
  • scrapbook — collection of odds and ends:
  •  outtake of birthday cake
  •  Miguel Calderon art - stills and radio broadcast
  •  still gallery of paintings by Eric Chase Anderson, used as Richie's portraits of Margot
  •  over 200 behind-the-scenes still photos
  •  stills of Wes Anderson's script, copiously annotated with storyboards and notes
  •  stills of murals in Richie's room
  •  stills of book covers (books written by various characters)
  •  plate-spinning performance by Kumar Pallana
  • The Peter Bradley Show about Wes Anderson films (14:20)
  • two trailers (4:23 total)
  • With the Filmmaker featurette (27:02)
  • cut scenes (1:47)
  • eight interviews (26:53 total)

    The R1 is missing:

  • nothing

    Let's hope that the retail version has a few extras....