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Spider-Man: Collector's EditionR1
    The Region 4 Collector's Edition of this disc misses out on;
  • Nothing
    The Region 1 Collector's Edition of this disc misses out on;
  • Nothing
     The Region 1 and the Region 4 discs of Spider-Man are identical in terms of their features and the quality of their transfers without formats taken into consideration. The R4 disc however, would have the upper hand due to its PAL format.

    In Region 1, released simultaneously with this Collector's Edition DVD is the 'Spider-Man Collectors Gift Set' that along with the Collector's Edition DVD, includes the following;

  • 'Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters and Marvels' DVD
  • Collectible reprint of 'Amazing Fantasy #15', which introduced the Spider-Man character
  • Collectible senitype featuring a film cel of the movie personally selected by Sam Raimi with his comments
  • Limited Edition offset lithograph by John Romita Sr., and John Romita Jr.,
    Obviously the DVD portion of this package is exactly the same as what we have here, but if you are a Spider-Man fan, then you may also want to consider this Gift Set as an option.

Alternatively, in Region 4, you can also buy the Spider-Man Limited Edition Box Set which consists of the DVD, Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters and Marvels plus the original soundtrack CD. A wealth of choices for Spider-Man fanatics!