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X-Men 1.5: X-treme Edition=

    From reading about the American Region 1 version of this disc, it doesn't seem as if there are a lot of differences, except that the Region 1 version bears a price tag of US$29.98, which is a little more than I am prepared to pay for an import at present. For all intents and purposes, we can call this one even.

Comparison to the old Special Edition

    A few comments about the differences between the old Special Edition release and this new X-treme edition have filtered down to me, so I thought I would spell it out in clear terms here.

    If you have the Special Edition, you may want to keep it because of some of the supplemental material that doesn't appear on this new edition. These include the Spiderman "cameo", production art galleries for two mutants that don't appear in this film or the sequel, the theatrical trailers, and most importantly (to me anyway), the Mutant Watch featurette. However, I do tend to agree with Michael that it is all about the film, especially in this case, and the DTS soundtrack absolutely craps on the Dolby effort from an almighty height, so serious home theatre users will want this version, too.