Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story, TheR4
    This title is also being released this month in Region 2, but does not appear to be getting a Region 1 release at this point.

    The Region 2 release misses out on the full Roger Waters and David Gilmour interview extras. Instead, Region 2 gets only an extract of both, running a measly 10 minutes and 3 minutes respectively. No doubt the quality of the material influenced this decision. In addition, the Region 2 version also misses out on the Walk Around Abbey Road Studios extra.

    This makes the Region 4 release the hands-down winner and we can be very, very thankful that we get the full extras package, warts and all.

Note added 10/4/03:  I've had a few emails pointing out to me that the Region 2 release of this disc is stated on a couple of UK DVD sites now as having both DD5.1 and dts audio tracks. As outlined in the reply to a comment below, I had not mentioned this in the original review, believing it to be simply an error in the site's reporting of the disc specs - after all it seems very strange that a short TV doco would warrant a DD5.1 track, let alone a dts track. Then again, maybe I will have egg on my face with this comment!  If anyone does have the R2 version of this disc and can email me to clarify the issue once and for all, that would be most appreciated. In any event, even if we are indeed missing out on a fuller audio transfer, the fact that our R4 release receives the full Roger Waters and David Gilmour interviews and the R2 release doesn't should still make R4 the clear winner for most fans, so my conclusion above is unaltered. The R4 stereo audio transfer is more than satisfactory for this doco.

Note added 2/8/03: A reader has emailed me to confirm that the R2 version does indeed have both DD5.1 and dts tracks. Very strange indeed for this release! My view remains unaltered however, I don't think the higher audio mixes will add anything at all for this doco and in any event is still outweighed by the better R4 extras package, so still an R4 winner in my opinion.