Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Royal Tenenbaums, The: Two Disc Collector's EditionR1

The R1 version of this film comes from the Criterion Collection. It is a two disc Special Edition (it's in one of those old-fashioned fat two-disc cases, with a cardboard slip cover). It's quite clear that this R4 Collector's Edition drew heavily on the Criterion version: the second disc of this version is almost identical to the second disc of the Criterion disc (only the Criterion label is really different). But there remain the differences between the first discs (basically sound little things like dts and director's commentary)...

The R4 is still missing:

  • dts 5.1 soundtrack in English
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack in English
  • Director's commentary
  • two booklets (12 page booklet about the house, 14 page general booklet)

The R1 is missing:

  • nothing

Looks like we still have to award the gold-plated whatzit to the Criterion Collection package, but the differences are considerably fewer this time.