Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Love Hina-Volume 6: And the Winner is...=

The Region 1 disc was released near the end of 2002. The Region 4 was released in February 2003. The two discs hold the same episodes, but the Region 4 disc has rather more extras (that's unusual). And it has nicer artwork, including the right logo (the R1 got a strange, and not really appropriate, logo foisted on it by the network you can see it on the trailer).

Judging by reviews, the R1 has a very good transfer. It even sounds slightly better than the R4, but the Region 4 discs are very good, and no strain on the eyes to watch. Once more, I suspect that you can easily be happy with either, but the R4 is cheaper, and locally made (if you're in Australia).