Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Real Bout High School-Volume 2: Netherworld Battle=

The Region 1 disc was released mid-2002. The two versions are extremely similar. Even the artwork is very similar, although I slightly prefer the R4 presentation. Even the discs themselves are quite similar with near-identical labels (ours has more colour, and a shaded effect), and near-identical contents.

I'm rather pleased that Madman decided to use the NightJar menus, rather than do their own (Madman do excellent menus, but these ones are something extra special!). It means that the two discs are even more similar than usual.

There's really so little difference between the two that you can be happy with either version, but if you're in Australia I'd strongly recommend getting our version it means you're supporting the locals. Both versions have a recommended price of $29.95, but the R1 is in US dollars while the R4 is in Australian dollars (and with the Aussie dollar still under 60c US, that's a substantial difference...).