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Angel-Season 3 Box Set Part 1R4

Season 1 of Angel is about to be released in Region 1 we're way ahead of them on this series.

Season 3 of Angel is scheduled for release in Region 2 on the 3rd of March, and two weeks later in Region 4. As far as I can ascertain at this point, the Region 2 and Region 4 discs will be the same, and the packaging differences will be the same as for the first two seasons: Region 4 will get two cardboard slipcases, each holding three plastic keepcases, while Region 2 will get a compact album format, with each disc held in a separate page. I hope the album is better quality than the one used for Buffy Season 5 that was a distinct drop in quality from the previous ones. I have found that it is a little easier to damage the discs, sliding them in and out of the album pages, so maybe Region 4 is getting the better (albeit bulkier) deal on this issue.