Region 4 Winners and Losers

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    This disc is simply a re-badge of the Region 1 NTSC product, so our release is identical to Region 1 in all respects. Well, except for the fact that the Region 1 disc also includes a pan and scan version of the film on the reverse side of the disc, but as this is simply a cut down/edited version of what we have, I do not class this as an additional feature and will call both versions equal.

    It is indeed a pity that we couldn't receive a new PAL transfer for Region 4, but judging by the fact that the original interpositive appears to have been lost or destroyed - and who knows if the lesser generation theatrical print is still around - there may be good reason why a new transfer was not possible. In any event, it is simply great to see a local release of this important film rather than nothing at all.