Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Bad Boys IIR1

    The Region 2 release is so far lacking any reviews on DVD-Basen so presumably what they will be getting is identical to what we are getting. The Region 1 release, as stated earlier, has been out for a while and there are plenty of reviews available for it. Based upon those reviews, the whole package is pretty much the same as the Region 4 release barring the obligatory language and subtitle differences, and a different selection of trailers. As stated before, the available reviews are almost universal in their praise for the DVD transfer, making little if any mention of any of the film-to-video artefact problems that blight the Region 4 release. Accordingly, the decision is overwhelmingly in favour of avoiding any version of the DVD and getting something better in the way of a film instead. However, if you must have the film, then perhaps the Region 1 version might be the way to go.