Region 4 Winners and Losers

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    Obviously, the comparison between the current rental release with the two disc Region 1 special edition is hardly a fair one. Nonetheless, the Region 4 release misses out on:

  • Advert for the soundtrack album
  • 4 additional trailers
  • Featurette - AFI Julie Taymor Q & A
  • Featurette - Interview with Julie Taymor by Bill Moyers
  • Featurette - Interview with Chavela Vargas
  • Featurette - Interview with Lila Downs
  • Featurette - The Vision Of Frida
  • Featurette - The Design Of Frida
  • Featurette - The Music Of Frida
  • Featurette - Salma's Recording Session
  • Featurette - Walk Through The Real Locations
  • Featurette - Portrait Of An Artist
  • Featurettes - Visual Effects (2)
  • Biography

    We can only wait and see if we are to be blessed with this stunning package when a sell-through release becomes available in Region 4. As it is though, the Region 1 release is in every way the more preferable effort at this time.