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American Pie: Collector's Edition=
    American Pie is available in two versions in Region 1, one R-rated and one unrated. The unrated version adds a small amount of footage into the movie itself which did not make the theatrical cut. The Region 4 version of American Pie is the equivalent of the Region 1 rated version. For those that are interested, the Region 1 unrated version adds the following very brief scenes (warning spoilers ahead - highlight with your mouse to see them);
  • Jim on the kitchen table making love to the apple pie. This scene is sort-of included in the outtakes on the Region 4 DVD.
  • More explicit Internet imagery of Nadia masturbating.
    Comparing the R-rated Region 1 version to the Region 4 version of this DVD shows that the Region 4 DVD misses out on;
  • Theatrical trailers for other movies (5)
  • Music Video - You Wanted More - Tonic
    To be honest, the additional scenes added into the unrated Region 1 version seem trivial to me, and I can't see them adding anything significant into the movie. In fact, they smack more of a marketing ploy by Universal to sell more copies of this movie in Region 1 than anything else. Likewise, the missing other trailers and music video fail to impress me.

    I would declare that the Region 1 and Region 4 DVDs are equivalent in this case.