Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Searching for Bobby Fischer=
   This DVD is also available in Region 1 in a similar bare bones release, however in comparison to the Region 1, the Region 4 does miss out on the following minor items:
  • English Dolby Digital Surround track (that is, a second English track in addition to the Dolby Digital 5.1 track),
  • French Dolby Digital Surround track, and
  • English for the hearing impaired subtitle track.

    This is hardly anything to worry about.

    The DVD is not available in Region 2 at all.

    The fact that our Region 4 disc does not have the English subtitle stream, or even time coding and visible chapter markers, is annoying, yes, but nothing to be too upset about. The most important thing is that we do receive the same higher specified 5.1 audio track as the Region 1 release, so I am going to put this one down as even across regions. I would recommend then to opt for the Region 4 release for price and the superior PAL resolution.