Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Haibane Renmai-Volume 1: New FeathersR1

The Region 1 version was presented in two forms, both as a single disc, and in a collector's box. We get both forms, too, in Region 4. In the R1 version, the single disc had only one postcard, while the collector's box version added the second postcard and the booklet. I'm embarrassed to admit that I opened my collector's box immediately after I bought it (a few months ago), and I am not certain what was where, but I'm fairly sure that we have the booklet included in the single disc, and the postcards included in the box this is a plus for those who buy the single disc here in R4, because the booklet is excellent. The two collector's box versions are identical in terms of extras (other than getting different trailers). It's a nice box, too robust and well-made.

The impression I get from reading reviews of the Region 1 version is that it has a better transfer, because there is no mention of problems with softness.

I suspect that the Region 1 may be a little better than the Region 4, unfortunately.