Ratings Guide

Video Audio Extras Plot
Reference quality video. Razor sharp. Perfect colour balance. No artefacts. This is a disc to use to impress your friends. (eg Fifth Element) Dialogue always clear. Music always clear and never drowns out dialogue. Enveloping sound field with good use of surrounds to draw you into the movie. Special effects that have both a WOW factor and enhance the on-screen image. Commentary track(s), Making of documentary, Production notes and stills, Bios, Alternate Endings, in short, a stack of extras which are well-put together and enhance the enjoyment and understanding of the movie. Riveting plot, a timeless classic that will warrant watching again and again.
Great quality video with only occasional minor problems. Only minor problems with the audio, such as occasional hard to hear dialogue. Multiple extras which are not as comprehensive or well-put together as a 5-star disc. Excellent plot, but not quite a classic. Will bear watching a few times.
Good quality video with a few noticeable problems if you look closely. Still quite acceptable. A few audible difficulties. Limited extras, but still good value, and worth considering. Plot which is OK but you would tire of with multiple viewings.
Video quality that is sub-par, but acceptable if you are a fan of the movie. Significant artefacts. Significant audible problems. A few extras beyond just the trailer. Not enough to consider the disc for purchase just for the extra Plot that irritates you with its obvious plot holes, but which you can put up with because it's on DVD.
Unacceptable video quality under any circumstances. Don't bother with this disc. Unacceptable audio quality. Major audio problems. Avoid this disc. Theatrical trailer Plot that is more irritating than nails on a blackboard. It makes you want to perpetrate violence on the DVD that is carrying this dreck.