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Vital Statistics

Age Group Boring Older Fart (45)
Video Likes Sharp detailed image, vibrant colours, 16x9 enhancement, correct aspect ratios
Video Dislikes Transfers that should be better than what we got (usually those which companies have tossed out rather than taking some care with - Backdraft is a great example)
Audio Likes I love detail - subtle ambience through the rear channels especially. I love nicely enveloping soundscapes
Audio Dislikes I hate with a passion overemphasis of bass
Favourite DVDs The Right Stuff, Glory, Notting Hill, Independence Day, The Fifth Element, Brassed Off, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Monsoon Wedding, The General, Naked Weapon (R2), The Dish, Ice Age, Bend It Like Beckham, Naked Killer (R2), The Cranes Are Flying (Criterion), Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Wo de fu qin mu qin (The Road Home) (R2), Love Actually, Bride & Prejudice ... but this is a constantly changing list
Least Favourite DVDs Going Overboard, The Story of O, Anaconda, Speed 2, Universal Soldier - The Return, The Matrix, Robocop 3, Godzilla, Pulp Fiction, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Pearl Harbor, Goldmember ... it takes an especially appalling effort to get listed here
Most Eagerly Awaited DVDs Monarch Of The Glen (all series), Space: Above And Beyond (R4), The Quiet Man (1952), Random Harvest (1942), Blossoms In The Dust (1941), Madame Curie (1943).

Opinions About Specific Movies and their DVDs

Titanic It sunk - but Leonardo died so that was a definite highlight. Having been forced to rewatch the film recently, I can honestly say that it is getting even more grating and rips off just about everything in A Night To Remember when you strip away the rubbish romance stuff. Still the special edition which will be 16x9 enhanced, and use branching technology to watch A Night To Remember or James Cameron's rubbish with or without all scenes involving Leonardo will still be worthwhile. A definite indictment of the fact that James Cameron has lost the plot big time after making some really great films.
The Matrix Totally lacking any substance - it staggers me that it is proclaimed by many as one of the great films of the past decade (well I suppose it is compared to Universal Soldier - The Return ...). Rips off far too many Hong Kong films without giving due credit, and to proclaim this a Wachowski brothers film borders on breaching the Trade Practices Act. Makes a nice cup coaster - albeit an expensive one since I will never watch the DVD again.
Terminator 2 Talk about really good films and James Cameron - this might just be starting to show its age just a tad as far as the effects are concerned but it remains a d*** enjoyable film, the likes of which we do not see too often from Hollywood, and certainly not from James Cameron, anymore. Good stuff indeed, especially as it features Arnie at his peak (as opposed to the pap he makes nowadays).
Star Wars Having just (reluctantly) watched Star Wars: The Phantom Menace on DVD, the sheer stature of Star Wars (or as it is now known Star Wars: A New Hope) is only heightened. There is absolutely no doubt that this is a true landmark in film history, and when you see what they did with the crappy one on DVD, you can just imagine what the really good one will look and sound like. It will make an awesome DVD but by the time we get to see it I will probably be long past caring... it will be so anticipated that the expectations will never, ever be met. That is the big folly in George Lucas not getting the film out on DVD early.
Godzilla Apart from the fact that the entire film is f****** c*** and should never have been made, let alone put onto DVD in preference to so many really great films, there is not much wrong with it. I suppose that in some very small way it is mindless entertainment, but I would emphasise the words "very small". Still, along with The Matrix this is a DVD that I never intend to watch ever again. I still say whoever decided to release this on DVD before other, far more worthy films, should be forced to sit and watch it a dozen times without respite of any sort. Mind you, I am sure that the Geneva Convention mentions something about banning the use of the film as an instrument of torture on prisoners of war. Would that also apply to civilians?
Independence Day Err, it's on my favourite DVD list - need I say more? The quintessential mindless action film on a great DVD. Forget the carping on about how and why Macintoshs can communicate with alien motherships when they cannot communicate with PCs, forget the supposed American jingoism (but face facts, which countries could and would lead an assault on alien invaders - Australia?) and the rest of the inconsistencies. Films are supposed to be about entertainment - if you cannot switch off and just plain enjoy this film, you best check-in to the nearest morgue 'cause you are not alive.


DVD Player Denon DVD-1600 , using RGB output
Display Loewe Aconda 9381ZW . Calibrated with Video Essentials. This display device is 16x9 capable.
Audio Decoder Built in to amplifier/receiver . Calibrated with Video Essentials.
Amplification Yamaha RXV-795
Speakers Energy Speakers: centre EXLC; left and right C-2; rears EXLR; and subwoofer ES-12XL

Top 10 DVDs

Cover Art
1. The Right Stuff: Special Edition (1983)
Superb film, very nicely transferred - and now with a decent extras package
Cover Art
2. Glory (1989)
Fabulous film with a decent bunch of extras
Cover Art
3. Lawrence of Arabia: Collector's Edition (1962)
David Lean - need I say more? Superb DVD done absolutely right
Cover Art
4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Deluxe Two Disc Set) (1937)
A true classic and given a DVD package worthy of it
Cover Art
5. City of God (Cidade de Deus) (2002)
Another absolute classic non-Hollywood film that demands your attention - and rewards it enormously
Cover Art
6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Collector's Edition (1974)
One of the greatest comedies ever committed to film - and given a thoroughly deserved DVD package
Cover Art
7. Bride & Prejudice (2004)
Its not the greatest film ever made but by heck its enjoyable enough to watch repeatedly
Cover Art
8. Love Actually (2003)
Just cannot get enough of this film - just wonderful stuff, nicely crafted and very well casted.
Cover Art
9. Monsoon Wedding (Madman Ent) (2001)
The more I watch this film, the more I remember what film is all about - enjoyment. Terrific film.
Cover Art
10. Bend It Like Beckham (2002)
A wonderful film that funnily enough is also one of the best comments upon reverse-racism from the other side of the fence

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