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Vital Statistics

Age Group Still somewhere between 30 and 35.
Video Likes I like my discs in the original theatrical aspect ratio, 16x9 enhanced.
Video Dislikes Pan & Scan movies are a real turnoff. Movies that have crystal clear images and aren't simply retouched are a favourite.
Audio Likes As a rule the sound mix must be well balanced with good directional placement across the sound stage, without distortion and preferably in dts. Although the neighbours do NOT like the increased dynamic range.
Audio Dislikes I don't like movies that simply push a lot of noise out of the rear speakers just for the sake of it.
Favourite DVDs The Fifth Element, The Mummy, Gladiator, Tomorrow Never Dies, True Lies, Enemy At The Gates
Least Favourite DVDs Dune (1st release), Gattaca, Mad Max
Most Eagerly Awaited DVDs StarGate (R4 release of original movie)!

Opinions About Specific Movies and their DVDs

Titanic I knew how the movie was going to end but was dragged along to the cinema to see it anyway. This is one that I won't bother to see on DVD, unless it was remade with Leonardo being shot in the opening scene.
The Matrix I liked the concept of this movie - it really gets you thinking. A bit overrated at the time though and the subsequent releases flog a dead horse rather than take the first movie to another level. A movie is not made by effects alone.
Terminator 2 Well Arnie said "I'll be back" so I always knew this movie was coming. The Terminator movies have always pushed the envelope with storyline and technology which will ensure they remain some of the best movies ever.
Star Wars This whole series would have to have made the largest impression on me as far as movies go. You have to admit for its day it was pretty special and there was nothing else quite like it. I saw the original 11 times when it first came out at the cinema, and all others at least a few times each. I would like to visit Coruscant one day and have dinner with Padmé. George, when can I expect my copies on DVD?
Godzilla How can a big lizard that when standing upright is as tall as some skyscrapers not hit his head when in the stadium? I still can't fathom that one. It's good to see that Ferris Bueller also made it out of school to go on and become a scientist.
Independence Day The plot is as messy as a dog's breakfast yet I like it anyway. But, how can you get an Apple to synchronise with the Mother Ship?


DVD Player Denon DVD-1600 , using RGB output
Display Loewe Aconda 9381ZW . Calibrated with Digital Video Essentials (PAL). This display device is 16x9 capable.
Audio Decoder Built in to amplifier/receiver . Calibrated with Digital Video Essentials (PAL).
Amplification Denon AVR-2802 Dolby EX/DTS ES Discrete
Speakers Whatmough Classic Series C31 (Mains); C06 (Centre); M10 (Rears); Magnat Vector Needle Sub25A Active SubWoofer

Top 10 DVDs

Cover Art
1. Mission to Mars (2000)
Cover Art
2. Star Wars-Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)
Cover Art
3. The Sum of All Fears (2002)
Cover Art
4. Enemy at the Gates (2001)
Cover Art
5. True Lies (1994)
Cover Art
6. Swordfish (2001)
Cover Art
7. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: Collector's Edition (2001)
Cover Art
8. GoldenEye: Special Edition (1995)
Cover Art
9. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Cover Art
10. Evolution (2001)

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