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Vital Statistics

Age Group I am as old as my tongue, and a little older than my teeth. :-)
Video Likes Original aspect ratio! Clean transfers that respect the original colour/contrast presentation.
Video Dislikes Pan & Scan or Fullscreen only titles. Sloppy transfers. Lack of 16x9 enhancement.
Audio Likes Subtlety. Definitely subtlety. Use of sound to add an extra dimension to the experience that lets you get lost in the film.
Audio Dislikes Blaring sounds, a soundtrack that you constantly feel the need to turn up and turn down throughout the feature. Lack of decent surround/subwoofer use. Overuse of same.
Favourite DVDs Criterion's Brazil, Spinal Tap. Blues Brothers. T2:UE, Wizard of Oz
Least Favourite DVDs I try to avoid the ones that I don't think I will like.
Most Eagerly Awaited DVDs What I *really* want is someone to release a complete collected works of the warner bros cartoons on bluray.

Opinions About Specific Movies and their DVDs

Titanic This movie, when it was originally released, changed my life. I showed me that three hours of my life is something precious, and perhaps I should be careful before I sit through something like this. I tried to watch the DVD and that confirmed my suspicions. I left the room within ten minutes.
The Matrix I really enjoyed this on the big screen despite Keanu's so-so performance. The DVD release was an excellent package, and worth having in pretty much any collection.
Terminator 2 This is an example of when Region 4 didn't quite get it right. The R4 was certainly a decent offering but the R1 release is totally mind-blowing. The sheer volume of extras on it, three different versions of the film including one with 7 minutes of footage not seen anywhere else. This is how DVDs should be released.
Star Wars Episode 1: I am avoiding this DVD. I stuck up for it a lot when I went to see it. I understand that it is potentially a great basis for a wonderful new trilogy. I can also see that it has been severely tarnished by blatant attempts at marketing. I am sure the studio understood that there was more to be made from marketing toys and other crapola than from selling tickets to the movie, and this showed. What is more, there was a blatant attempt to appeal to a younger audience which hurt as well, dialogue and plot notwithstanding.
Godzilla You know. This is a funny thing. I have heard nothing but badness about this movie, but I didn't mind it at all. The DVD is certainly worth having. It is a well put together package.
Independence Day This has to be the single most disappointing release of my life. I was very hungry for a great sci-fi film. Haven't bothered with the DVD.


DVD Player OPPO DV-980H , using RGB output
Display Metz Artos (82cm, 16x9 CRT Display) . Calibrated with Video Essentials. This display device is 16x9 capable.
Audio Decoder Built in to amplifier/receiver . Calibrated with Video Essentials.
Amplification Denon AVR-3802
Speakers Front: Krix Lyrix; Centre: Krix Centrix; Rear: Krix KDX; Subwoofer: Aaron Sub120

Top 10 DVDs

Cover Art
1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
I have the R1, which truly is the ultimate edition.
Cover Art
2. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Cover Art
3. L.A. Confidential: Special Edition (1997)
Cover Art
4. 12 Monkeys: Collector's Edition (1995)
Cover Art
5. Starship Troopers: Special Edition (1997)
Cover Art
6. Seven: Special Edition (1995)
Cover Art
7. Rocky Horror Picture Show, The: 25th Anniversary (1975)
Cover Art
8. The X Files-Season 1 Box Set (1993)
Cover Art
9. Fight Club: Special Edition (1999)
Cover Art
10. Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)

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