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Vital Statistics

Age Group 19
Video Likes Correct aspect ratio, anamorphic presentation, strong colour palettes
Video Dislikes Pan and Scan or Full frame transfers, film artefacts, non-anamorphic presentation, aliasing...
Audio Likes Immersive 5.1 DTS or DD soundtracks
Audio Dislikes Dolby Digital advertisements, front heavy sound mixes
Favourite DVDs The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions, Amadeus SE, Cast Away, Thirteen Days, Lawrence of Arabia
Least Favourite DVDs Titanic, The Abyss (you reading this James Cameron!), Batman
Most Eagerly Awaited DVDs Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars

Opinions About Specific Movies and their DVDs

Titanic Awe inspiring, watch at any time type of movie spoilt by a disgraceful excuse for a DVD.
The Matrix Great film, great DVD (DTS would be nice though).
Terminator 2 Wow! Superlative DVD presentation of a genuine classic.
Star Wars More than movies, they have become symbols of popular culture. Brilliance exemplified. Let's hope Mr Lucas can finish the series off with the best movie yet!
Godzilla Horrible, horrible. I've had a restraining order put out on this mess.
Independence Day One of those movies I hate then love then feel indifferent to.


DVD Player Yamaha DVR-S100 , using Component output
Display Sony 76cm Widescreen Trinitron TV . Calibrated with THX Optimizer. This display device is 16x9 capable.
Audio Decoder Built in to DVD Player, Dolby Digital and DTS . Calibrated with THX Optimizer.
Amplification Yamaha DVR-S100 (built in)
Speakers Yamaha NX-S100S 5 speakers, Yamaha SW-S100 160W subwoofer

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