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Age Group 25
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Least Favourite DVDs The first DVD I bought: the original release of GoodFellas. I adore the film, but this is a terrible disc. Poor transfer, not 16:9 enhanced, no extras, and the disc is a flipper. Gah!
Most Eagerly Awaited DVDs GoodFellas SE; Barton Fink; LOTR:ROTK:EE; Star Wars.

Opinions About Specific Movies and their DVDs

Titanic I resisted seeing this film for several years, repelled by the teenage-girl-Leo-fan image that I might acquire. But then one day I was stuck in a Canberra hotel room, struck down by the worst 'flu I've ever had, unable to leave or stand up, with nothing to do while my friends and acquaintances partied their healthy little guts out two floors down. And Titanic was on TV. So I watched it. And I was shocked to discover that I liked it! The romance. The drama. Even that damned hellbeast Celine Dion! Later, when I had recovered and returned to Melbourne, I bought the DVD - just to find out if it had been the fever talking. But no! It still worked for me, despite the inexplicable lack of 16x9 enhancement. It was that day that I handed back my Certificate of Manliness, and accepted my identity as a Lover Of All Good Films, Even Ones Also Loved By Teenage Girls. Don't give me your pity...
The Matrix
Terminator 2
Star Wars
Independence Day


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