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Vital Statistics

Age Group just younger than Star Wars Ep IV
Video Likes 16 x 9 anamorphic transfers, vibrant colours that don't bleed (see Bring it On) - Sharp transfers that make me forget I'm watching a movie. Detail,sharpness.
Video Dislikes Mpeg artefacts in their various forms - Grrrr (if it means losing extra features to get a decent transfer - so be it). Soft transfers that make films unwatchable on a projector
Audio Likes Extensive use of surrounds to put you in the middle of the movie (i.e. Boucho clapping in the opening scene of Desperado - my first 5.1 experience with my system)
Audio Dislikes Center channel bias on older titles. I rekon that even the 5.1 Godfather mix is too center specific, and that the dynamic range on that track is low. Low fidelity on 5.1 = laziness by the DVD team.
Favourite DVDs Desperado superbit, Das Boot superbit, Die Hard with a vengeance(R1) DTS, Starship Troopers, Moulin Rouge, Futurama Season 1. LOTR:EE
Least Favourite DVDs Of mine: Godfather Set - (dissapointing 5.1 audio), but still love the movies. Casino
Most Eagerly Awaited DVDs Star Wars Ep 4,5,6, Indiana Jones trilogy.

Opinions About Specific Movies and their DVDs

Titanic Fab production values, pity about the acting and dialogue.
The Matrix Film was ok, a bit derivative - Joey Pants! - DVD was less good than I had been led to believe, but still an essential part of most collections, and better than average.
Terminator 2 T2:UE is great, Film is great, but I'm starting to feel like I've seen it too many times. Best looking DVD package (except perhaps for the Total Recall R1 case)
Star Wars Pity Lucas is getting so fat that he can't waddle down from the ranch and direct someone to just put out the first 3 DVD's. Surely the cost justification to employ people to do it full time is there. Even if it is just a bare bones release first, with the full blown - lets add extra footage(again!) - done later
Godzilla Haven't wasted my time with this, not even vaugely interested.
Independence Day Wish I could get my mac to dial up to an alien ship :-)


DVD Player Custom HTPC (Abit NF7-S, XP 2500+, 512mb DDR 400, Pioneer DV-107, ATI Radeon, WIN XP,Theatretek DVD) , using RGB output
Display Nec XG-750 CRT Projector, 100" 4:3, 2.2 gain . Calibrated with Digital Video Essentials (PAL). This display device is 16x9 capable.
Audio Decoder Built in to amplifier/receiver . Calibrated with Digital Video Essentials (PAL).
Amplification Denon AVR-3801
Speakers Equinox Aphelion mains, Equinox Eclipse center, Mordaunt Short MS95 surrounds, JBL sub

Top 10 DVDs

Cover Art
1. Das Boot: The Director's Cut (Superbit) (1997)
Truly a reference transfer, both audio and visual are superb.
Cover Art
2. Moulin Rouge: Special Edition (2001)
Well presented DVD with an excellent soundtrack
Cover Art
3. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Special Extended Edition (2001)
A DVD Benchmark, tho the R4 pitch correction forced me to R1
Cover Art
4. Lawrence of Arabia: Collector's Edition (1962)
How does a film this old look so good on DVD??
Cover Art
5. The Fifth Element (Superbit) (1997)
Great transfer, great demo material (shh, mine is R1!)
Cover Art
6. Starship Troopers: Special Edition (1997)
A fine example of Verhoven's work
Cover Art
7. Diana Krall-Live in Paris (Warner Vision) (2002)
Great audio and video, and some fine music...
Cover Art
8. Gladiator: Deluxe Collector's Edition (2000)
A must have...
Cover Art
9. Shrek: Special Edition (2001)
Great kids film with a full to the brim DVD.
Cover Art
10. Futurama-Season 1 (Box Set) (1999)
Great looking DVD's that really show off my projector.

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