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Sat 27.1.18
Blade Runner 2049 (Blu-ray) (2017)

Cover Art Universal Sony's Blu-ray presentation of this sci-fi masterpiece is fine, though it has its shortcomings. The 1080p video is a bit compressed but still looks very good, while the 5.1 audio track lacks the fullness and richness of a Dolby Atmos track. While I wish there were more extras, the included supplements are of good quality. All things considered, this one comes highly recommended. . Sponsored by DVD Buzz.

Thu 25.1.18
Blade Runner 2049 (4K Blu-ray) (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 is a gift from the filmmaking Gods. It's a magnificent tribute to the original Blade Runner, a worthy sequel, and a breathtaking original science fiction movie to boot. It is undeniably one of 2017's best movies and it will stand the test of time. The 4K disc is perfection. The Ultra HD video transfer is staggering from top to bottom, from the textures to the sharpness and the amazing use of HDR, making it the format's new gold standard. The beautifully layered Dolby Atmos track, too, is flawlessly-encoded and represents a step up compared to the standard Blu-ray's 5.1 mix. Throw in the supplements included on the standard Blu-ray, and this one comes highly recommended. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

Tue 23.1.18
American Assassin (Blu-ray) (2017)
Ray N

Mitch Rapp is a character who has appeared in 16 books by novelist Vince Flynn. American Assassin, starring Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton, is his origin story. It is action packed, if predictable. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

Mon 22.1.18
K: Return of Kings (2015)
Ray N

K: Return of Kings brings an explosive climax to the anime series that began with K and continued with K: Missing Kings – The Movie. Fans will not be disappointed. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

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