Van Halen

Live: Right Here, Right Now

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Details At A Glance

Category Music Theatrical Trailer(s) None
Rating Other Trailer(s) None
Year Released 1993 Commentary Tracks None
Running Time
111:45 minutes
(not 120 mins as stated on packaging)
Other Extras None
RSDL/Flipper No/No
Cast & Crew
Start Up Movie
Region 2,3,4,5,6 Director Mitchell Sinoway
Warner Reprise
Warner Vision
Starring Sammy Hagar
Eddie Van Halen
Michael Anthony
Alex Van Halen
Case Super Jewel
RRP $39.95 Music Van Halen

Pan & Scan/Full Frame Full Frame MPEG None
Widescreen Aspect Ratio None Dolby Digital None
16x9 Enhancement No Soundtrack Languages English (Linear PCM 48/16 2.0, 1536Kb/s)
Theatrical Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
Macrovision Yes Smoking Yes, particularly Eddie Van Halen's guitar (literally)
Subtitles English
English for the Hearing Impaired
Annoying Product Placement No
Action In or After Credits Yes

Plot Synopsis

    I'll admit to not being all that familiar with the music of Van Halen, and certainly not at all familiar with their music post David Lee Roth. The only song on this live concert recording that I was at all familiar with was Jump. Having experienced this DVD, I can't say that I have any desire to experience any further Van Halen, although I have no doubt that fans of Van Halen will find plenty to enjoy in this concert performance. Jump, the track I was most looking forward to hearing, was a little disappointing, and came across as somewhat dull and lifeless, as if Van Halen themselves were well-and-truly sick of this song and simply regurgitating it because of the incessant demands of their fans.

    The director of this DVD makes an appearance before the start of the program proper to announce the fact that 15 cameras were used over two nights to capture this performance. This seemingly odd introduction makes a lot of sense when you start seeing outfits change back and forth multiple times during a song.

    The track listing of this DVD, which by the way is out of sync with the chapter numbers on the actual DVD by one, is as follows;
1. Poundcake
2. Judgement Day
3. Man On A Mission
4. When It's Love
5. In 'N' Out
6. Right Now
7. Ultra Bass
8. Pleasure Dome/Drum Solo
9. Spanked
10. Runaround
11. Finish What Ya Started
12. Eagles Fly
13. 316
14. You Really Got Me/Cabo Wabo
15. The Dream Is Over
16. Jump
17. Top Of The World

Transfer Quality


    The packaging for this DVD suggests that it is a dual-layered DVD. It most definitely is not. I suspect that the disc was originally planned as a dual-layered release, but for reasons beyond us mere mortals, was downgraded to a single-layered release, much to the detriment of this transfer.

    The transfer is presented in an aspect ratio of slightly less than 1.33:1, with a small amount of image cropped from the top and the bottom of the frame. It is not 16x9 enhanced.

    The transfer was extremely variable in the degree of detail on offer. At its best, the level of detail was passable. At its worst, the level of detail was very poor indeed. Out-of-focus camera shots occurred all too frequently, and all of the long shots of the stage were lacking in any sort of meaningful detail at all. I suspect that a lot of this has to do with the fact that it seems as if only some of the cameras in use were film-based, with the remainder being video-based. The on-stage close-ups appeared to utilize the film-based cameras, and these were all adequately defined.

    Shadow detail is generally very poor. The frequent crowd shots in particular are problematic because there is simply insufficient light on the crowd, and the majority of the shots of the crowd are poorly composed expanses of black dotted with the occasional blurred pink face or two. Low level noise was frequently present in the blackness to a distressingly obvious degree, and frequently marred the presentation of this DVD. Some of this appeared to be deliberated added into the image in post-production, but most did not appear so.

    The colours were unremarkable, but generally quite muted.

    MPEG artefacting was a real problem for this transfer. The deadly combination of grainy source material, long programme length and extremely high motion video leads to endemic MPEG artefacting. The transfer rate of this DVD is consistently below 5Mb/second, and this includes a Linear PCM track which gobbles up 1.5Mb/second of this bitrate. All of the songs had more or less MPEG artefacting readily apparent in their backgrounds. Some were much worse than others, and the MPEG macro-blocking extended to the occasional foreground objects as well. The two worst tracks for MPEG macro-blocking were Chapter 6, In 'N' Out, and Chapter 10, Spanked. These two songs were all but unwatchable because of the severe nature of this artefacting. This type of programming demands RSDL formatting to have even a chance of looking good.


    There is only the one audio track on this DVD; English Linear PCM 48/16 2.0. This is best listened to in Stereo mode.

    The vocals were indistinct and blurred into the overall mush of sound that made up the majority of the soundtrack of this DVD. Forget about dialogue intelligibility here, folks, as this transfer fails at even managing to produce dialogue audibility. I suspect that to a certain extent this is inherent in the Van Halen style, but this transfer dismally failed at even producing the suggestion of a separated, central vocal image, instead presenting a distorted, loud wall of sound.

    There were no definite audio sync problems with this disc, but there were times when it became obvious that the shots being offered were not from the night that the audio performance had been taken from.

    The surround channels and .1 channel were not specifically used, but the subwoofer was kept quite busy with this soundtrack, supporting the bass guitar and the bass drum.


    There are no extras on this DVD.


R4 vs R1

    The Region 1 and Region 4 versions of this DVD appear to be identical.


    Van Halen- Live: Right Here, Right Now is a mediocre DVD at best that will only interest die-hard fans.

    The video quality is unacceptable.

    The audio quality is poor.

    There were no extras.

Ratings (out of 5)


© Michael Demtschyna (read my bio)
29th June 2000

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