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Tue 28.3.17
Solace (Blu-ray) (2015)
Ray N

Cover Art You may not have heard of Solace, a film with a top notch cast including Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Australian Abbie Cornish. Most people probably havenít; the film was plagued by production delays but it is a decent serial killer film that tries to do something a bit different. . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

Mon 27.3.17
Columbo - Season 10 Part 2 (Remastered) (1993)

Columbo is timeless, essential television. It's not exactly a realistic cop show, but it's certainly enjoyable, and there are more hits than misses in these final eight episodes. And it's certainly melancholy to see it end. If you enjoy Columbo, you'll enjoy this set.†Madman's remastered DVD is serviceable from a technical standpoint, but there are no extras as usual. This collection comes recommended. . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

Fri 24.3.17
Bad Santa 2 (Blu-ray) (2016)

I realise I'm very much in the minority, but I adored Bad Santa 2. It's my kind of movie. It made me laugh riotously in the cinema, and I still laughed out loud whilst watching this raunchy Christmas comedy on Blu-ray. Most will view their more traditional holiday films during the festive season, but I plan to have a Bad Santa double feature every Christmas. Madman's Blu-ray is fine, but it doesn't excel in any department. Video and audio are solid but unspectacular, while extras are underwhelming. This disc comes recommended, but I definitely suggest you try before you buy. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

Thu 23.3.17
Burn Burn Burn (2015)
Ray N

Burn Burn Burn is a funny, sweet, sad, low key buddy movie about relationships, self-discovery and truth as two female friends embark on a road trip across the UK with a dead friendís ashes in the glovebox and his video instructions about where to scatter them. The trip turns out to be a journey of self-discovery as much as anything else. . Sponsored by Atomic Movies.

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